"Colour is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment."
Claude Monet

At the turn of the 21st Century with the arrival of the synthetic colours of Cyan and Magenta, with Yellow, (CMY) as a trio, they were superior when it came to the creation of new colours than Red, Yellow and Blue, (RYB). These newcomers quickly gained traction in the printing industry as the ideal primary colours, but in the wider community, Red, Yellow and Blue held their ground and are still recognised and taught as the ideal three-primary colours of pigment mixing.

Artists especially have tended to remain loyal to the old ways, this is understandable for the origins of their craft are deeply ensconced in the traditions of the great masters. It would be a great disservice if Red, Yellow and Blue were superseded by Cyan, Yellow and Magenta, yet the latter are not to be ignored either. We can honor the past and embrace the new by keeping them both. When arranged into colour wheels representative of the primary hues respective to each concept they can be used as a guide to create a variety of hues in the colour model of choice.

For when it comes to getting the colours just right, even the most accomplished artist will concede that a lot of their time is spent mixing colours to get the hues just right; describing it as a frustrating process of trial, error and wasted paint. How daunting then must the prospect of colour creation be for a beginner?  

WYMCK COLOUR has devised a logical system that assists the artist to work out ratios of paint to use as a guide when colour mixing using either the RYB  model or CMY, with the technicalities taken care of quickly; the fledgling artist to the master craftsman can then focus on what they love doing most.