Feng Shui – Discover the hidden colours of the Bagua!

It’s scientific; it’s mathematical ...with an element of magic.
Lucy Deslandes

Life can be challenging and you can feel ineffective and not in control. Feng shui is the art of harnessing powerful unseen forces in nature and directing them to positively influence your life. 

The Bagua is considered one of the most influential tools of Feng Shui. Its shape and the specific placement of colours that form it are key to manifestation when it comes to focusing your intentions.

However, even something as wondrous as the Bagua has its shortcomings not only due to the lack of colours of which it is comprised but the intensity of them. A bright shade of red placed in a neutral or subtle colour scheme can draw attention to the very problem you wish to diffuse.

WYMCK COLOUR has found that within the Bagua there are hidden mathematical patterns that form a plethora of wonderful colour arrangements. There is now a myriad of ways that you can confidently tap into the mysteries of the universe using colour to draw order, balance and harmony to your life.

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