Graphic Design – Fast, easy and reliable way to match digital colours to their printed counterpart

"Colour is The Place where our Brain and The Universe Meet"
Paul Klee

The advent of the industrial revolution coinciding with the scientific revolution heralded the arrival of many wonderous innovations that have made our lives easier; it also created problems that had not existed beforehand.

Conflicting mediums arose in the translation of colour from the digital version to its printed counterpart and the fact that your printer does not duplicate the colours on the screens has compounded the problem.

In any endeavour pertaining to colour that requires accuracy, speed and is dependent on customer satisfaction, having to perform countless re-makes to get the colours right is frustrating, time consuming and costly.

WYMCK COLOUR has devised innovative ways that remove the angst usually associated with the replication of colours. The outcome of the finished product is not left to chance and instead is a true reflection of the expertise of the designer.

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