Interior Design – Create beautiful, coordinated colour schemes…mathematically

"Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways."
Oscar Wilde

Paint Colour Selection

There is nothing like having a few paint colour charts thrust into your hand and being told to choose the perfect colour scheme for the home to get your heart rate up and turn the dull ache behind your eyes into a migraine.

A mishmash or clashing of colours in the home can cause mental fatigue and agitation to the point where those in the home feel uncomfortable.

This explains why a lot of time is spent searching, debating and agonising over the compatibility of colours. WYMCK COLOUR has created an easy process you can follow that takes the guesswork out of paint colour selection. You can feel confident knowing you have created an aesthetically pleasing environment the whole family will relax in and ensure those who enter the home will feel welcome.

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