Website Design – Speak the same language as your client when it comes to colours

The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.
Charles Eames

The above quote holds true, this is providing the guests themselves know what they want and even better for the host if they bring a plate!

Dr Max Luscher, a German professor cited as the father of colour psychology, states empathetically that colour sells! A more apt way of putting it would be, “Colour used well sells; colour used badly repels!”

The purpose of a website is to inform, inspire, educate and sell. It is imperative the colours used on a website reflect the client’s message and influence those who visit it in a positive way.

Often the responsibility of colours for a website is left up to the designer, who without direction, can inadvertently use colours that cause discord. To add to their woes, there are thousands of possible shades of colours out there and the designer is given a colour by name when what they need are numbers!

WYMCK Colour has put together a collection of colour wheels and charts that enable the web designer and client to effectively communicate with each other when it comes to colour selection.

With WYMCKs assistance, the designer, like a maître d at the finest establishment, can treat their client like an honoured guest, serving up to them a website of excellent taste and made exactly to order.

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